Galentine's Giveaway | You CAN sit with us

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This month I’m practicing what it looks like to be for women. Specifically the women around me. And specifically with words of affirmation and acknowledgement. To friends and strangers alike.

One of my favorite lines from Mean Girls (one of my all time favorite movies and musicals) is when Gretchen yells at Regina “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!”.

That line is so iconic. And hilarious. And Ridiculous. And you’ve probably had it yelled at you before by someone sarcastic like me.

But the “you can’t sit with us” mentality is totally something I see in my generation and the generation I mentor.

I've blocked out, judged, or put down other women by verbally and silently communicating they can’t sit with me, compete with me, or have power over me. I've also been on the one blocked out, judged, or put down.

This month I want to be an advocate for change- in the regular every day moments I have. Specifically when it comes to interacting with other women.

I want to encourage women I see at the gym who are working out. I want to smile at other women when I’m walking on campus and if I sit down next to one of them, ask them how their day is going. I want to listen— really listen when I ask women questions about their lives. I want to tell other female entrepreneurs or creatives why I value what they contribute to our field. I want to listen to and befriend more women of color whose experiences might be different from mine. And most importantly— I want the women around me to feel like they’ve been invited to a seat at the table— a seat everyone CAN sit at.

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I thought it was ironic that Camila Cabello came out with her song “Real Friends” this past month. All she wants is some authentic, caring, real friends. And even though I’m not famous and questioning everyone’s motives for being friends with me. I get it. I think we all want that at some level. We want trust-worthy, encouraging, kind, and honest real friends. We want and oftentimes need someone to BE a real friend.

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I wonder what would happen if we all gave some true friend love to the women around us? I wonder what deep rooted message we would communicate with a woman when we tell them they CAN sit with us?