Let me introduce myself

I'm Stacie Stine. 

If you're here, bless you child. Somehow, on this great big interweb, you've gone down a black hole  that's led to me, Stacie. Or maybe you followed the bright shining light and it led you to me? Black holes or shining lights, welcome to this colorful canvas.  

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"Baby, I ain't Wonder Woman." - Kacey Musgraves

I'm just a woman. 

You've discovered me clinging to my late twenties, wondering why I don't feel quite as grown up as I thought I'd feel as close as I am to thirty.

After high school I escaped the south as fast I could to spend four sunny college years in the better, funner, more magical south (Southern California). I yelled at Ryan Gosling on accident once and walked next to Kirsten Dunst for, like, one minute. College was cool too, I guess. 

I fell in love with my husband Brett to the soundtrack of long distance phone calls and Thou Art the Dream, by Branches. We're going on Stine Marriage Saga: Year Six. 

I'm a wedding photographer and wedding invitation designer, he's an academic scholar and professor. We live in a windy desert city in Texas, but within the next year see a move sweeping us out of Texas. 

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"Life is not tried, it is merely survived when you're standing outside the Fire." -Garth Brooks

This space is for sharing how my life "is tried". 

This space is a little bit for you, and a lot a bit for me. I create for a living and blog for a loving.

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What's here?

Marriage magic. Soul thoughts. Pop-culture obsessions. Style days. Decor & aesthetics. DIY's. Beauty finds. Childhood and teenage journal entries. Coffee films. Y

What's not here?

Recipes and babies. The kitchen and I tolerate each other, and my body and I have agreed not to birth out a baby until.... some point in time that is not now. 

What you're seeing, is only one piece of the pie I'm eating.

Read about and peruse my life as much you please, but then go live yours as fully, deeply, messily, intentionally, and as beautifully as you can.  This blog was started because I decided to stay yes to living life as deeply and purposefully as I know how, through the bitter and the sweet. I hope and pray you will find purpose, hope, and sweet yes's to the life in front of you. 

Thanks for going down a dark hole and finding me (let's be real, it was probably a dark hole), 

XOXO, Stacie

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P.S. You're allowed to laugh at this ^^ picture... because it's me trying to make a fierce model pose... it's somewhat fierce.