I'll Have What She's Having | July

1. Mindy Kaling’s Dartmouth Speech. She talks about how much of her life has been lived out of order... and how okay that is. I'm a sucker for a good commencement speech--- do you have a fave you've listened to?

2. Season Twos....

This is Us. Could I argue this is one of the most captivating and real shows on television right now? Brett has even started sitting through a handful of episodes with me. I've caught those tears in his eyes a few times. And me? I've blubbered through every episode. 

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. Everything in this witty weird dark show is perfect. Season 2 was a stellar addition to Season 1, if not better. I can't get over the costume design. The set design. The many faces, accents, and musical numbers Neil Patrick Harris steals the show with. The surprise Nathan Fillion appearances. I'm surprised this show doesn't have more fans and I'm VERY convinced Brett and I need to be Violet and Klaus for Halloween. We just need to find a Sunny... maybe one of our many friends with babies will let us borrow their kid for the night.

3. I've been setting up a five year plan for my life and my business this summer. If you know my enneagram number, you'll know this is VERY fun, but VERY difficult for a 9. 9's are easily prone to fall asleep to life, to plans, and to their own desires. That's why a plan is helpful. But even a 9 can fall alseep to a helpful plan. I could set the whole plan up, and never follow it, look at it ever again, and never let it guide me toward what I want. So I'm loving this process, and giving myself a good talking to about how vital sticking to the plan is. This is a great QUICK resource for planning from the Lazy Genius, but I've also been reading Essentialism this summer, and chapter TEN has been SUPER helpful.  

4. We said goodbye to our custom made kitchen table this past week and now we're looking for a new/vintage smaller kitchen table. I'm loving this one I will never be able to afford from West Elm. Also this one from World Market...I will probably also never be able to afford that one. I'm thinking we'll have to hit up our local mid-century vintage store or a local thrift store to find an affordable piece. But I'm loving those two tables so much! Do you like them?

5. Is anyone else out there into the Broadway Princess Parties on Youtube? If you love Disney and people with amazing Broadway voices, you'll love these mashups and covers. I've been following this channel for awhile now, and here are my top favorite Princess covers: In My Own Little Corner/Agony,  Moment in the Woods,  The Princess Power Medley, and the original Anastasia singing Journey to the Past with the Broadway Anastasia (I CRIED SO HARD THIS IS SO PRETTY!). 

6. Six is my favorite number, so I always make sure this list goes to number six. Brett and I have been having throwback sing-a-longs lately... to all our favorite Pop Punk Emo Throwbacks. Swing Swing, Move Along, All the Small Things, The Great Escape.... It's funny we didn't know each other back when we loved those songs, but now it's SO fun to sing them together and laugh at how ridiculous some of the lyrics are and how nasal some of the voices are. Do you have any pop punk faves?