Albuquerque, NM | Travel Guide

Brett and I recently traveled to Albuquerque (in April), so I thought I'd put together a little travel guide of my favorite places. Especially because I think most people visit during the hot air balloon festival, and we felt like Albuquerque had a lot to offer besides their hot air balloons. 

This is at our Air BnB! If the weather hadn't have been so cold the backyard would have been SO perfect to have my morning coffee in!

This is at our Air BnB! If the weather hadn't have been so cold the backyard would have been SO perfect to have my morning coffee in!

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Mandatory Must Do list: 

Rebel Donut. For Inventive flavors. We love when donuts get weird, do you?

Hotel Albuquerque. Have you ever been to a hotel and just pretended to be a guest there? I'll admit I LOVE doing this. Usually fancy hotels have a cafe, so I'll order something from the cafe and plop down on a comfy couch or outside table. Sometimes it's nice to dress up all fancy and get drinks at the bar for a fun date night. Seriously though, are we the only people that do this?

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Nob Hill And Central Ave.

Nob Hill and Central Avenue near the University. Walk it. Shop the Buffalo Exchange there. Grab a coffee at Michael Thomas (they UNDERSTAND coffee and have a really quaint outdoor space).

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Prismatic Coffee

Prismatic Coffee. The other day I watched a Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode where Jerry was upset because the coffee shop he was at didn't offer any sweeteners for their coffee. While I love sweeteners, Prismatic isn't about them because they value the experience of a real cup of coffee. But they do serve homemade stroopwafels and that's the perfect amount of sugar to go with a cup of joe.

If You Have Time and the weather is nice list: 

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The Museum District

The Museum District. It's all right there by Old Town. I highly recommend the Albuquerque Museum (It's their art museum and I really enjoyed it). There's a park right across the street if you just need a day to walk around.

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Stroll Downtown.

Walk around downtown. If you like Vintage clothing, modern mid-century furniture, some stellar street art, and art galleries this is your place. Before you walk around, go drink a Midnight Blue Latte and stare out the icon wall at Deep Space coffee.


Zendo. Coffee and locals.

It's another coffee okay? But their outdoor space was super dreamy. I couldn't find a plug for my computer, so a local helped me plug my computer into an outlet on the ceiling. I love weird things like that.

What we'd do if we went back: 

Drive through this neighborhood again, because all the lawn art was VERY New Mexico. 

Hike. It was SO cold when we were there and Brett was in conference workshops all day, but if you have time, you should definitely go enjoy the outdoors. 

The Balloon Festival. Duh. 

Things we wouldn't do again: 


Old Town

Sorry, Old Towners. I walked Old Town in under two hours and didn't feel like I missed much. We had visited Ruidosa, NM a few months before our Albuquerque trip and all the same kitchy things were sold at all the same shops in both these cities. As in, overpriced stuff I would never buy. I was literally asking myself why I didn't see a Precious Moments store while I was walking around... it would have fit in perfectly. I would go back to purchase an embroidered New Mexico Throw or bag and to purchase a hammock. That's it. And while it's a historical part of the city and I appreciate that...the history of the square seemed

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