We're Moving


After so much waiting, praying, pro and con weighing, and decision-making… we’ve finally decided to move to New York City. Brett will be starting a Classics doctoral program at Columbia in August. While I haven’t fully landed on what I’ll pursue while we’re there, I’m pumped on the options I have (continuing my business will definitely be something I will keep doing… I love working with star-crossed lovers on their weddings and vows).

I’ll cry if I start writing about closing out our chapter in Texas, so for now I wanted to share about our love story unfolding in New York. A lot of people don’t know this, but,

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1) My brother has been living in New York for years upon years, so it holds a special place in my heart already.

2) One summer in college, my brother flew me out to help him move, and, as I explored the streets of New York and journaled in the coffee shop down the street from his house, I was considering and praying about my future with Brett.

We’d been dating about one year and I was considering what a future with him would look like. I was simultaneously crazy about him and afraid of marrying him.

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Our society doesn’t talk much about doubts and fears we have before getting married, but it was important for me to process through them and ask myself whether or not my fears were really deal breakers. It was a sweet time for me to also tell God my fears about Brett and to ask Him to give peace to my fears and doubts. And He did. Meanwhile, I walked the city, without the need to be a tourist, and accidentally fell in love with it. I fell in love with the culture and activity. I fell in love with those humans of New York. I fell in love with Falafel.

The next summer I went to New York with my best friend, Amber, for our senior trip. We visited that same coffee shop I had journaled and prayed over my relationship with Brett in, and much to my surprise, as we were talking, I looked over to see Brett walking up to me (Wait, what is he doing in Brooklyn?!) with a ring next to the cupcake I’d ordered (Wait, am I getting proposed to right now?!). Spoiler alert, I said yes.

So we love this city. We’re cautiously optimistic about loving this city throughout every season (like, the cold ones we aren’t so sure about). But for the most part, we’re here for it. And grateful for such a cool opportunity. You can catch us there Mid-August.


When a girl meets boy, life can be a joy; But the note they end on Will depend on little pleasures they will share. So let us compare:

I like New York in June, how about you? I like a Gershwin tune, how about you? I love a fireside when a storm is due, I like potato chips, moonlight And motor trips, how about you?

I'm mad about good books, can't get my fill. And George Clooney’s looks give me a thrill. Holding hands in a movie show When all the lights are low may not be new; But I like it, how about you?

I like Mindy Kaling’s jokes, to a degree. I love the common folks, that includes me. I like to window shop on 5th Avenue. I like banana splits, late supper at the Ritz How about you?

I love to dream of fame, maybe I'll shine. I'd love to see your name right beside mine. I can see we're in harmony, Looks like we both agree on what to do. And I like it, how about you?