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I'll Have What She's Having | APRIL

April is full of awesome movie releases (looking at you Shazam and Avengers), summer music releases, and April showers (duh). What are you loving lately?

  1. Grow as we Go, by Ben Platt (also, the entirety of his new album is amazing). This song during this season of life. Also, this song during every season of life. Also, the song stands alone amazingly. But if you need a sad music video to go with it, Ben doesn’t let you down.

  2. These jumpsuits are WAY out of my price range, but WAY mesmerizing and beautiful.

  3. It’s Coachella this week, so I thought I’d share this Mushroom print by my fave Etsy artist, Shannon Kirsten. Also, on carousel display are my OLLLDD SCHOOL Coachella Instagram snapshots from 2012. I didn’t even know what Coachella was when my brother invited me to go. I had the time of my life.

  4. The way Bri Larson enters The Store in a subtle rainbow of light in Unicorn Store. Now I want to buy a light in every color of the rainbow and have fun colorful photoshoots.

  5. It’s summer time… and in Texas, that means Half price shakes at Sonic!!!

  6. Hannah Beast is the Bachlorette and I’m here for it. My favorite Bachelorette contestant from “the first rose ceremony” wasn’t any of the men. Hannah’s awkwardness is a contestant in and of it self. And honestly, I love that. The fact that she didn’t know what to do or say made her the most authentic Bachlorette yet in my opinion. Bring on this season.

I'll Have What She's Having | September

1.I’ve never seen a wedding video like this. I searched and watch a TON of wedding videos the other day for wedding photography inspiration, and when I found this, my jaw dropped. The Cinematography and music are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

2. Speaking of love. It’s a wild thing. The other day I was talking with friends about my love/hate relationship with country music and I was trying to tell them how grateful I was for Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly. Their albums this year have both really challenged the genre of Country Music and even though I’ve heard Kacey’s album a million times, I’ll never be tired of Love is a Wild Thing.

3. I’m 29 and feeling fine… am I too old for this? (The answer is no)


4. Maniac on Netflix. When Cloud Atlas meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Inception.


5. Arlo’s Adoption Story. I love that Kelly is going through their adoption process in this five part series. Not only is this series so hope-filled, it’s also really educational and realistic for those considering adoption. I was a mess of blubbering tears after I read this. If we ever adopt, I know it will be the hardest and best thing we ever do. I’d honestly only want to do it with Brett. He’s so kind and gentle with kids and anytime I think my head is falling off from chaos, he convinces me it’s not (adoption kinda sounds like sweet chaos sometimes, ya feel me?).


6. When Brett got home from work I had him take a few pictures of me doing something candid so I could show you a real part of our lives. So he snapped away while I cleaned up the living room, showed him the children’s book my parent’s bought me for my birthday, relayed my day to him, and told him how I’d tried to play the Romeo and Juliet Movie Orchestral soundtrack while I worked on my Bible Study earlier in the day, but was surprised to hear they hadn’t removed the vocal audio from the record, so I found myself trying to read while listening to Shakespeare monologues and the grunts and sighs of Romeo and Juliet hard core making out. After a few minutes of trying to sit through it I decided it was… not conducive to Bible Study LOL. Brett gave me the camera and sat down to work on his homework, so I snapped a few pictures of him.


7. Anybody else out there getting fit with Kayla Itstines’ Sweat app?? Isn’t it such a stellar app? Real live GIF’s of how to correctly work out AND healthy recipe recommendations for every day of the week. Because working out is SO helpful to my mental state and kickstarts my productivity during the day, I actually pay for this app via my business. BBG has been SO easy for me to use at home or at the gym. It’s also been really helpful to help me get into shape at a slower pace. I’m trying my best to sweat hard when I work out, but I’m also trying hard not to push myself so hard I’ll give up in a handful of weeks. I’m working out of the “this is a lifestyle” thing, not a “maybe I’ll do the first few weeks of this season” kind of thing.

8. I didn’t love Sierra Burgess is a Loser. But I loved the song she sings at the end, especially this electronic version.

I'll Have What She's Having | July

1. Mindy Kaling’s Dartmouth Speech. She talks about how much of her life has been lived out of order... and how okay that is. I'm a sucker for a good commencement speech--- do you have a fave you've listened to?

2. Season Twos....

This is Us. Could I argue this is one of the most captivating and real shows on television right now? Brett has even started sitting through a handful of episodes with me. I've caught those tears in his eyes a few times. And me? I've blubbered through every episode. 

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. Everything in this witty weird dark show is perfect. Season 2 was a stellar addition to Season 1, if not better. I can't get over the costume design. The set design. The many faces, accents, and musical numbers Neil Patrick Harris steals the show with. The surprise Nathan Fillion appearances. I'm surprised this show doesn't have more fans and I'm VERY convinced Brett and I need to be Violet and Klaus for Halloween. We just need to find a Sunny... maybe one of our many friends with babies will let us borrow their kid for the night.

3. I've been setting up a five year plan for my life and my business this summer. If you know my enneagram number, you'll know this is VERY fun, but VERY difficult for a 9. 9's are easily prone to fall asleep to life, to plans, and to their own desires. That's why a plan is helpful. But even a 9 can fall alseep to a helpful plan. I could set the whole plan up, and never follow it, look at it ever again, and never let it guide me toward what I want. So I'm loving this process, and giving myself a good talking to about how vital sticking to the plan is. This is a great QUICK resource for planning from the Lazy Genius, but I've also been reading Essentialism this summer, and chapter TEN has been SUPER helpful.  

4. We said goodbye to our custom made kitchen table this past week and now we're looking for a new/vintage smaller kitchen table. I'm loving this one I will never be able to afford from West Elm. Also this one from World Market...I will probably also never be able to afford that one. I'm thinking we'll have to hit up our local mid-century vintage store or a local thrift store to find an affordable piece. But I'm loving those two tables so much! Do you like them?

5. Is anyone else out there into the Broadway Princess Parties on Youtube? If you love Disney and people with amazing Broadway voices, you'll love these mashups and covers. I've been following this channel for awhile now, and here are my top favorite Princess covers: In My Own Little Corner/Agony,  Moment in the Woods,  The Princess Power Medley, and the original Anastasia singing Journey to the Past with the Broadway Anastasia (I CRIED SO HARD THIS IS SO PRETTY!). 

6. Six is my favorite number, so I always make sure this list goes to number six. Brett and I have been having throwback sing-a-longs lately... to all our favorite Pop Punk Emo Throwbacks. Swing Swing, Move Along, All the Small Things, The Great Escape.... It's funny we didn't know each other back when we loved those songs, but now it's SO fun to sing them together and laugh at how ridiculous some of the lyrics are and how nasal some of the voices are. Do you have any pop punk faves? 

I'll have what she's having | June 7
I’ll have what she’s having.
— Diner Customer, When Harry Met Sally

My favorite line from "When Harry Met Sally".

Stines in San Marcos-46.jpg

I'll have what she's having is also my new monthly pop-culture and all things interesting series. I'm one of those people who is filled with joy when I share a something or other with someone else and they are changed or impacted by that something or other. Like a movie, song, piece of art, pair of good shoes, inspirational quote, etc. 

So, maybe I'll share what I'm loving with you. And maybe you'll share something with me too? What inspires you this month? This week? What song are you obsessed with? What movie do is a must for you this year? 

So, welcome to my first ever I'll Have What She's Having post: 

Isn't this jumpsuit fun? It's my uniform for all my summer weddings this year. It looks extra trendy with the fanny pack I wear to hold my lenses and SD cards. 

I googled this question earlier this week. It's weird to have pop stars be younger than me these days. It's weird that most Bachelor contestants are my age these days. 

A Sherlock escape room?! I don't know if I would love it or hate. I've felt a little anxious after certain Sherlock episodes (like had to close my eyes during that episode where Sherlock and Watson get on that plane and all the people on the plane are dead corpses-- that is TERRIFYING), but I love Sherlock so much... could I handle an escape room? I'd probably have my eyes covered most of the time. What escape room theme would you get excited about? Harry Potter? Murder She Wrote?

Every time Selena Gomez comes out with a vintage-inspired video, I die a little bit. I loved "Bad Liar" and her newest, Back to You

Walmart's new line of mid-century (ahemmm affordable) furniture? Are they trying to catch up to Target's style? There's nothing like affordable mid-century furniture and I never expected Walmart to come out with mid-century style AT ALL. I probably won't be buying any of it (because there ain't no budget for furniture right now)... but I'm certainly impressed and will keep my eye on a few items. This is my favorite thing from their collection. 

Yup, I'm a sucker for Maroon 5's Girls Like You. I dig the videography and editing. I dig the song. And I dig all the awesome ladies in it. I've always wanted to be a music video producer, and I think it'd be fun to do this video with all my friends. Just. For. Fun. 

Mean Girls The Musical. When Mean Girls first came out, I walked out of the theatre half way through.  I was an innocent and sheltered tween Lindsey Lohan fan who had never attended a public school in my life... this movie HORRIFIED me. How could girls be so mean to each other? And then, a few weeks later, a woman at my church mentioned how much she loved Mean Girls in a sermon and I decided to give it another chance. That's when I realized it's iconic, the girls are supposed to be horrible, Tina Fey is a stellar writer, and public high school is sort of like that but kind of not. My favorite song is Meet the Plastics. Give it a listen!

Until next time. I'll have what she's having,