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Galentine's Giveaway | You CAN sit with us

One of my favorite lines from Mean Girls (one of my all time favorite movies and musicals) is when Gretchen yells at Regina “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!”.

That line is so iconic. And hilarious. And Ridiculous. And you’ve probably had it yelled at you before by someone sarcastic like me.

But the “you can’t sit with us” mentality is totally something I see in my generation and the generation I mentor.

I've blocked out, judged, or put down other women by verbally and silently communicating they can’t sit with me, compete with me, or have power over me. I've also been on the one blocked out, judged, or put down.

This month I want to be an advocate for change- in the regular every day moments I have. Specifically when it comes to interacting with other women.

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Short Impactful Sentences | Enneagram 9

Words for my life. Based on my enneagram nine.

This is a prayer. And a self-affirmation.

That I wouldn’t fall into busy-ness, but that I would seek out sweeter and deeper quiet. That I would work really really hard to be quiet in my mind… not numb or asleep to my feelings or circumstances.

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Aunt Stacie

or two people who have walked the earth together for twenty-five years, I was afraid of being in two very different life stages for once. We’ve stumbled and struggled through middle school braces, high school drama (in the theatre and out of the theatre if you know what I mean), and similar college experiences. For the most part, we dated our husbands at the same time, got engaged in the same year, and got married within a year of each other. When you’ve lived such similar life paths, how do you relate when it feels like you started taking two very different paths?

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Combatting Seasonal Mood Changes
A lot of Things.

Not an hour ago I overheard a customer assuring a Barista that she didn't need to know what she was going to do with her life. That she'd figure it out. The thing. 

And I'm over here screaming internally- YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT NOW. YOU'RE DOING THE THING FOR THIS MOMENT. It's your thing until you move onto the next thing. And I really believe, for some of us in this world, there will be multiple things we're called to do. And that's okay. Some people don't think it's okay. But I think it is. For some of us, having multiple things is a necessity. 

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A Freshmen's Essay on College | Finding Yourself

Meet Kaylee. On Tuesdays and Thursdays this past year, I mentored a handful of Freshmen women at Texas Tech. In Christianese, I've been discipling them. Reading the Bible with them, working through their life stories, unburying some of life's joys and hurts, laughing and crying at all of Freshmen years' ups and downs, and watching a lot of The Bachelor with them. A few months ago I was hanging out with Kaylee on a Tuesday and she mentioned how college was different from what she expected, so I asked her to share some of her profound truth nuggets for future college freshmen. 

I bolded my favorite part, because it's TRUTHHHH. 

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Make friends with nobodies, don't be the great somebody

What do you think of when you hear the word “hospitality”? Is hospitality the perfect host with a perfect house that mimics a perfectly put together Pinterest Board? Is hospitality a woman’s thing? Is it something the Bible tells us to do? Is it just for Christians hosting Christians? Who are we really called to be hospitable to?

I’ve fallen in love so much with the topic of hospitality I gave a workshop on it this spring at a Navigator conference (I work for the Navs on Tuesdays and Thursdays!). 

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Let me introduce myself

What's here?

Marriage magic. Soul thoughts. Pop-culture obsessions. Style days. Decor & aesthetics. DIY's. Beauty finds. Childhood and teenage journal entries. Coffee films.

What's not here?

Recipes and babies. The kitchen and I tolerate each other, and my body and I have agreed not to birth out a baby until.... some point in time that is not now. 

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I'll gladly throw one hand in the air and dance, eyes closed tight, round and round. Because summer is finally here.

Shauna Neiquest writes in her book, Present Over Perfect, how frightening it was for her to go snorkeling with her son on a summer vacation. She had been working, going, performing,  and surviving for so long, she hadn't been alone with herself or her thoughts. In a moment, without noise, without a to-do list, without anyone to perform for...she was alone, exhausted, tired of living fast, and scared of what it would look like to slow down and pay attention to what her body and soul really needed. 

I've been there, have you?

Somehow you feel stranded in a moment of quiet, a moment you desperately need but have no idea how to embrace because it's so foreign and scary.

Having a school schedule with a free summer has become one of the greatest gifts to Brett and I as we seek to stay in tune with who we are and what our souls need. 

For me, summer is sacred. 

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