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Short Impactful Sentences | Enneagram 9

Words for my life. Based on my enneagram nine.

This is a prayer. And a self-affirmation.

That I wouldn’t fall into busy-ness, but that I would seek out sweeter and deeper quiet. That I would work really really hard to be quiet in my mind… not numb or asleep to my feelings or circumstances.

That I would live life, and not laze through it.

I do not need to be extreme to function… I’m not a workaholic or a sloth. There is a healthy in between.

Work is good and I can work hard. I’m competent to do hard things in my personal and professional life.

Planning and boundaries are good and I put them into place for my benefit, not my detriment.

Turn off to-do lists and choose not to be overwhelmed by “should’s”.

Stand up and live life— even if it’s slower than how I think I should be living it.

Engage with and trust God. 

Praying I wouldn’t fall into busy-ness, but that I would seek out sweeter and deeper quiet. That I would work really really hard to be quiet in my mind.

To turn off to-do lists and “should’s” and to really just sit and live life— even if it’s slower than how I think i should be living it. the most important part is that I’m living and trusting God. 


P.S. These self-portraits of myself were taken about a week ago, before the snow, on a warm day at the Texas Tech Horticulture Garden. I’m wearing a Target cardigan, Madewell (similar here) Collared Shirt, thrifted black tie, and thrifted plaid skirt. My kneesocks are from Target and my shoes are Lotta from Stockholm.

P.P.S. If I can take such quality self-portraits, I’d love for you to consider hiring me as your photographer for life’s celebrations and jamborees. :)

Snow Day

Something about waking up to see the world draped in the whitest snow… I never wanted to stop looking out the window today.

While we weren’t walking around campus, Brett was studying for finals, I was therapeutically rearranging our kitchen and living room, and I watched Netflix’ Dumplin’ (and really loved it). There was a glass of eggnog in there somewhere.

Peter Rabbit | Halloween Costume
Peter Rabbit-7.jpg

Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were--Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter.

One of my MOST treasured childhood memories is reading Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit was also one of the MOST AMAZING and HILARIOUS movies of the year for me. So this costume was TOO exciting for me to create and plan.

The miniature Peter Rabbit tea set in these pictures is FROM my childhood and I’ve been DYING to dress up as Peter Rabbit and drink tea out of my Peter Rabbit tea set. AND. I. DID. IT.

I love, love, LOVED getting dressed up as Peter Rabbit (or did I dress up as James Corden?). And I’d been scheming up Brett’s matching costume for a whole year leading up to this moment. At first I thought I might make him just be a bunch of vegetables, but then the idea came to make him the fence AND the vegetables. Brett also decided to claim he was Mr. McGregor too. So he became a three in one costume.

Dont’ worry, I managed to steal some carrots, eggplant, and tomatoes from his garden (That sounds kind of sexual… #marriedlovers). ;)

We took our costumes to a Halloween party, and we won best couples costume! Yay!

Until Next Year,


If you love this post, Pin it! Give someone else the Peter Rabbit/Garden idea for next year’s Halloween!

Outfit: My blue sweater is from Charlotte Rousse. Skirt is thrifted! My pretty clogs are Lotta from Stockholm.

Peter Rabbit-9.jpg
Peter Rabbit-32.jpg
Combatting Seasonal Mood Changes

Anyone else out there have trouble adjusting to fall?

Brett told me the other day Fall is his favorite season. I told him it’s not my least favorite (I’m looking at you winter), but it’s always hard for me to transition away from warm weather and lots of Vitamin D and coat-free outdoor strolls.

Sluggishness and days of hazy depression come with the Fall/Winter for me. Especially the days when I work from home. The more I’ve opened up with other women about my seasonal struggles, I’ve noticed I’m not the only one.

In light of seasons changing, pumpkins getting carved, and depression cycles trying to creep in, I thought I’d share with you a few ways I try to combat rainy day sluggishness and lethargic mornings where I linger too long in bed (resulting in discouraging days and lots of self-frustration and negative “I’m a failure” talk):

  1. Wake up when I go to the bathroom in the morning or right when my alarm goes off (The only way for me to get out of bed is to put my alarm clock on loud on my dresser or in another room so I HAVE to get up to turn it off… have you seen my husband? He’s so cute and I’d gladly stay in bed and snuggle with him too long, but that really throws off my willingness to want to get out of bed— snuggles are for night time!). Once I’m up, I don’t let myself get back into bed. If I get back into bed, I’ll be there an hour or two longer, I’ll be on my phone comparing my life to others on Instagram, I’ll feel like I wasted an hour or two of my day and get mad at myself, then I’ll stay there longer upset at myself and not feeling confident I can spend the rest of my day well or confidently… and sometimes that leads to Netflix binging (which officially leads to zero productivity and feeling like a sucky person).

  2. Having an Out of Sight Out of Mind mentality with my phone. Keeping my phone in my purse instead of right next to me is a sure way for me to think about it less. Sometimes I go hours without looking at it. Especially in the morning, if my alarm can be something other than my phone, it’s WAY easier for me to get up, do some positive self-talk, consider what my goals and values are for the day, get ready for the day, and it even allows me to have some undistracted time to read, journal, or write in the mornings.

  3. Take time to look professional and get to work on time. Okay, I know I just told you I work from home, but this idea of getting out of the house, driving or biking somewhere and showing up to “work” on time looking the real deal—- it’s really helpful. In the fall/winter I put more of my business budget toward coffee. Showing up to a coffee shop at 8AM keeps me on task, ready to get stuff done, and keeps me from avoiding work (I’m one of those people who sometimes avoids work if it’s hard or I don’t understand it). BY FAR, having a routine that has me “showing up” for work, is really helpful. Even when I can’t afford to go to a coffee shop, I come up with a routine that makes me feel like I had to show up on time.

  4. Keep outdoor walks shuffled into our routine (as long as the weather permits). Getting out of a building, taking time to walk and see the season changing. Sometimes I need these to connect with Brett. Sometimes I need these walks to connect with myself.

  5. In the past, continuing to work out or have a workout goal has been SUPER helpful for my mental state. Sometimes the winter is the best time for me to workout at a gym because I really don’t want to be outside. Preparing to walk/run a half marathon with my sister was one of the best ways I was able to get myself out of bed to the gym. Or I’d hit the gym up after work. Either way, it was really helpful to have a routine and to have something I was working toward. Having a workout partner has been really helpful in the past as well. I’m currently not in a workout routine (like I want to be), but with seasonal mood swings coming up I’m staring down November and December, considering how I can be refreshed at the gym.

  6. Embracing creative time, letting go of Netflix. Painting, creating tumeric latte recipes, writing songs, playing solitaire or Phase 10, reading books. For me, Netflix binging never leads to any positive feelings. I don’t feel more connected to myself, my husband or God when I’ve binged the day away. I feel like I’ve been living some other characters’ life.

  7. No naps. Some people need these. I am not one of those people. My brain is too “on” to fall asleep. If I tried to take a nap, I’d be too tempted to stay in bed too long and for all the wrong reasons. Getting plenty of sleep at night is all I need to have a productive day without a nap. I do take time to stop doing work and eat lunch. This typically includes a 20 minute episode of something on Netflix or I grab lunch with a friend. Something that’s not work-related. But like I said, I can’t let that one Netflix episode turn into 2-3. Can Netflix add a timer so society will stop binging? Probably not. They probably want us to binge. Thanks, Netflix.

  8. Doing seasonal things… like going to this pumpkin patch on a Sunday when we were both really busy with work— we stopped for an hour to do something rejuvenating and fun. And it was fun. We snapped pictures of our favorite pumpkins contributed to this pumpkin trail by our local community.

Let me introduce myself

I'm Stacie Stine. 

If you're here, bless you child. Somehow, on this great big interweb, you've gone down a black hole  that's led to me, Stacie. Or maybe you followed the bright shining light and it led you to me? Black holes or shining lights, welcome to this colorful canvas.  

May 2018-34.jpg
"Baby, I ain't Wonder Woman." - Kacey Musgraves

I'm just a woman. 

You've discovered me clinging to my late twenties, wondering why I don't feel quite as grown up as I thought I'd feel as close as I am to thirty.

After high school I escaped the south as fast I could to spend four sunny college years in the better, funner, more magical south (Southern California). I yelled at Ryan Gosling on accident once and walked next to Kirsten Dunst for, like, one minute. College was cool too, I guess. 

I fell in love with my husband Brett to the soundtrack of long distance phone calls and Thou Art the Dream, by Branches. We're going on Stine Marriage Saga: Year Six. 

I'm a wedding photographer and wedding invitation designer, he's an academic scholar and professor. We live in a windy desert city in Texas, but within the next year see a move sweeping us out of Texas. 

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"Life is not tried, it is merely survived when you're standing outside the Fire." -Garth Brooks

This space is for sharing how my life "is tried". 

This space is a little bit for you, and a lot a bit for me. I create for a living and blog for a loving.

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What's here?

Marriage magic. Soul thoughts. Pop-culture obsessions. Style days. Decor & aesthetics. DIY's. Beauty finds. Childhood and teenage journal entries. Coffee films. Y

What's not here?

Recipes and babies. The kitchen and I tolerate each other, and my body and I have agreed not to birth out a baby until.... some point in time that is not now. 

What you're seeing, is only one piece of the pie I'm eating.

Read about and peruse my life as much you please, but then go live yours as fully, deeply, messily, intentionally, and as beautifully as you can.  This blog was started because I decided to stay yes to living life as deeply and purposefully as I know how, through the bitter and the sweet. I hope and pray you will find purpose, hope, and sweet yes's to the life in front of you. 

Thanks for going down a dark hole and finding me (let's be real, it was probably a dark hole), 

XOXO, Stacie

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P.S. You're allowed to laugh at this ^^ picture... because it's me trying to make a fierce model pose... it's somewhat fierce.