Texas Country Reporter Craft Fair: What We Loved

This cow-hide art did it for me. I've never encountered such an intricate and time-consuming craft. If you're from Texas though, you'll agree with me that the state of Texas definitely deserves to be branded into a cowhide. Crafted by Robert Wanat.

I discovered that someone had opened up my dream store as well. We walked in to a DIY craft store/coffee shop and all I wanted to do was find the owner, grab the keys from said owner, and say, "Thanks for opening it up for me, I'll take good care of it!" It was a crafting dream meets some cafe you'd find in Paris. If only we'd discovered it before we'd eaten our corny dog lunch! If you're ever in Waxahachie, go hit up The Dove's Nest.

I liked this whale. A lot. WAHHHHHOOOOOOAHHHH. That was my whale impression.

This is really what I mean when I say "Texas Art". I mean.. really...

I've never seen art like River Rustic. These wonderfully creative people take rock slabs they found in the river, cut them, then place the littlest, tiniest, minutest, minesculist pebbles very intricately in place on the slabs... and BOOM! THAT THEIR ROCK'S GOT A PICTURE ON IT! They had rock climbers, fishers, bicyclists! Go check them out and marvel at their pieces with your mouth open with saliva coming out of--- sorry, gross. Go look. now.