When Fashion Gets the Best of You vs. When Fashion IS the Best of You

I'm confessing that more than once in the past few weeks, I've found myself cornering innocent college students in my office, interrogating them on whether or not they saw So-and-So's new line during September's New York Fashion Week. I've pressed their precious freshmen faces into my computer screen, trying to convince them that it's worth their time to start following every street style blogger....ever.I'll confess that my eyes and fingers were style hungry as I sifted through what different fashoin bloggers were posting on instagram.

And finally, I'll confess that I caught myself finally starting to believe that ankle boots are an okay part of a woman's wardrobe. AND THAT'S A REALLY BIG DEAL OKAY. 

Do you know what I mean when I say that I love the creativity designers put into their clothes, but I hate that fashion is a thing I feel like I have to keep up with as trends change and colors come and go? I just can't and don't want to put all my money into that. I want the most bang for my buck, and to be honest, that means not hopping on every fashion trend, but working the clothes I ALREADY have to keep the fashionista in me happy, not broke. Fashion is my morning paper crossword puzzle, and I love the challenge and creativity it brings every morning. THAT'S WHY I HAVE TO SHARE, Coast2Coast's Style Guide of the week... because it's fashion friendly on how to stay trendy: Style Guide: 11 Fashion Essentials For Every Lady.

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 9.47.32 PMIt's easy: a go-to bag, black blazer, high heels, white top, go-to boots, go-to jewelry, making sure you smell like you feel... I love all of it, except maybe the facial cream tip... women will spend their money on face cream all their lives, and what will I do? I will spend my money on coffee and Six Flags. And maybe a puppy. When I become famous, you can use that quote in my biography.

Here's to a week of dressing classy, creatively, and without wrinkles!