Wedding | Bri + Tim

Bri and Tim's wedding is all about the glances and the looks. 

Bri smiling at herself in the mirror after she's put on her wedding dress. Bri's dad tearing up as he sees her for the first time. The way Tim (we call him Smiley Tim) smiles at Bri when she's walking down the aisle and the way he smiles at her when she's dancing with her dad (That picture will potentially make you cry on the spot so I'm warning you now!). 

There was even a moment during the Best Man's speech when Bri looked at me and just smiled at me because it was all so sweet and sacred and I think she knew I was mentally celebrating them (My inner dialogue at weddings sounds a lot like this, "You go Bri and Tim!!! Somebody throw some heart-shaped confetti!!!!.... Epic speech celebrating your love right?!!... GET THAT first kiss!!!!!.... Good choice with the cupcakes!!!....These two cuddle bugs are killing me! I just want to give them big hugs right now, but it's their wedding day, Stacie, you just let them hug each other while you take pics!"). 

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