Wedding | Caleb + Brenda

There was a moment during Caleb and Brenda's vows in their second ceremony, where I turned to Brett and both of us had big 'ole tears sliding down our cheeks. 

This wasn't any 'ole wedding for us, this was Caleb's wedding. Our Caleb. 

We've known Caleb a handful of years now and he has such a special place in our hearts. When I was a Hall Director (Yay those days of working in higher education!) , Caleb was one of the RA's on my staff. He brings energy into a room, into his friendships, and laughter into so many moments. He's a leader that thinks hard about the important things.

He's just as messy as he is awesome (aren't we all!?) I have such a very clear memory of him crying on my kitchen floor, upset with himself at who he was and decisions he was making... but going to his wedding showed me so much growth in him.  Listening to his vows had me in tears, excited and joy-filled for who he's become(ing). It also showed me he's SERIOUSLY found a girl who's a really stellar match for his shenanigans. 

Whether he knows it or not, Caleb has brought healing to my heart in the areas of motherhood. I'm not a mom and Brett's not a dad. But there are times now and back in higher ed when I was less of a supervisor and more of a mom/friend. Caleb even called Brett and I Mom and Dad, which really felt fitting sometimes and honestly made us feel super loved by him. He's totally not our kid, but we love him and now we're in love with him and Brenda. Yup, couple crush'n on a couple. That's thing right?

Caleb and Brenda only had, like, two days together in San Antonio for their wedding weekend before Caleb had to leave, so I knew every second they were together was special to them. They didn't have a first look (WHICH IS WHY CALEB'S WEARING AN EPIC CRY FACE WHEN HE SEES BRENDA COMING DOWN THE AISLE-- check out all his groomsmen leaning in to see his face-- it's so sweet!). They had two ceremonies, the biggest wedding party I've ever photographed, and a reception with so many great hispanic traditions. 

Here's my favorite sacred moments from their day. They were troopers, it was one hundred and three degrees. 

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