Wedding | Josh and Caitlin

I want you to know that Josh and Caitlin are some of our good friends. We love them and were humbled to photograph their wedding in Colorado Springs.

Josh lived with us for a semester and because Josh and Caitlin were in a long distance relationship, we sometimes hosted Caitlin at our house when she was in town.

Their wedding day was a million wonderful moments, one after the other. I choked up several times and laughed out loud more. When two of the most intentional, fun, and kind people get together to get married, you can’t help but have all the feels.

What I’ve always loved about Josh and Caitlin is how their leaning into celebrating their inter-racial marriage. They’re both coming from two different cultures and haven’t ignored that. They’ve embraced it. The up’s and the down’s of it. I love that.

When we first talked about their wedding day, Josh told me I was allowed to take charge of things and do what I needed to get good pictures—- except try to take Caitlin off the dance floor. He told me once the dancing starts— she can’t stop won’t stop. I thought I already knew this about Caitlin. But it’s true. true. true. Caitlin and Josh both are about a good dance party. And they certainly hosted a crazy fun reception.

The goal of their wedding was to celebrate their miraculous love. To let God be glorified as the Author of Love. I hope you can see their goal coming to fruition in these pictures.

P.S. This song is the song Brett sang while they were lighting their unity candle. One of my favorite moments from our time in the Springs was driving by the Garden of the Gods while listening to Brett practice this song in the car. These were such sacred words to have on my heart the days leading up to their wedding.

Stacie StineComment