Wedding | Lindsey + Brennen

I looked back through my Spotify to see what I was listening to the day Lindsey and Brennen got married. Music moves me as an artist, and I was SHOCKED when I saw the music that was influencing me that day:

First Try by Johnny Swim. 

I don't think there could have been any song that could fit Lindsey and Brennen more (except maybe their first dance song... Faithfully by Journey... perhaps one of the greatest love songs ever). 

Two beautiful and kind hearts with parents whose marriages have tested time. Lindsey and Brennen have been dating since high school (for the most part!) and their admiration for each other is SO evident in these pictures. Their relationship has already stood through some up's and down's and through years of dating long distance. 

Lindsey, beautiful, stylish, and honestly so fun-- she knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding and these pictures show it. And Brennen, the sweet kind of west texas boy who cares deeply--- he was down to love his future bride in any way he could throughout my time working with them as their photographer(engagements, bridals, and wedding). 

Every time I pass through Amarillo now, I'll always think of this beautiful wedding, these two kind souls, and their beautiful covenant marriage. And how a crazy weather day didn't keep their spirits down really at all. You can even see the progression of the really amazing sunny weather in the morning to a crazy west Texas rain storm that night. It makes this wedding day's photographs so unique. 

You know what they say--- a wet knot never slips. It rained on my wedding day, and I think that phrase is sweet and hopeful for any couple who has had to figure out how to get married with rain in the mix. :) 

So press play and listen to what I was feeling as their photographer.

Tell me what you see in these pictures. Tell me you see their admiration. Tell me you love their details. Tell me you never knew West Texas could look so pretty. 

Tell me it was CRAZY we took them to a cemetery for their portraits and happened to be taking pictures in the GARDEN OF EVERLASTING LOVE!!!!???!!! 

And definitely comment on the details, because Lindsey worked really hard on most of them and I think she should be praised! 

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