Wedding Portraits | Lizzie and Andrew Black and White

These two beautiful human beings are married and romantic as ever whether they’re in color or black and white.

Not everyone loves black and white. Not everyone loves moody and dark. I LOVE BOTH OF THESE THINGS, even though I don’t typically photograph dark and moody.

This black and whites are really for my own enjoyment and appreciation of light without color.

I think there’s something sacred and romantic about black and white. I do everything I can when I’m editing wedding not to try out every picture in black and white. Sometimes I just want to see how it changes the depth or perspective of the picture.

With these, I especially love seeing the sunlight come through in black and white.

Some of these are moodier than others— what do you notice your eyes finding in each picture? Do you think you would focus on different aspects of Lizzie and Andrew if the pictures were in color?

Stacie StineComment