We've Added A Wedding Registry | Vows


Seven years ago, when Brett and I got married we were broke. I was applying for jobs and Brett was working at Sam’s Club, working his way through Grad school.

I remember our coffee budget being $25 a month. For both of us. No eating out. We bought groceries using the Target gift cards we’d received from our wedding.

I’m not surprised when I talk to couples who tell me they love my vows, but they can’t afford them. You just got married. Or you’re about to get married and your budget really might not be in a place to purchase custom calligraphy.

I can relate to that, so I thought I’d come up with an alternative plan for you. Now you can add your vows to your registry, so you don’t have to consider purchasing them after your wedding— because a kind wedding guest has already purchased them for you.

The vows I design have a range of pricing options, which is exactly what your wedding guests need when they’re considering what to gift to you. Some of them want something as fancy and unique as custom vows, and some of them want something as affordable as a dish towel.

When you add vow calligraphy to your wedding registry, you’re offering your guests a chance to give an incredibly intentional and thoughtful gift to you.

How does it work?

You register for our vows, we send you a link to include in your online registry, wedding guests can purchase the vows you wanted, and, when the wedding is over, we ask you for your vows, letter them, then deliver them!

Registering for vows is easy peasy. You can view our vow options for Newly Weds here. All you have to do is fill out our form signifying the vow options you want to register for and give us all your pertinent contact information— and we will take care of the rest!

We have provided a handful of pricing options for you and your wedding guests to choose from! We recommend signing up for a variety of the vow options you love! If you need more product information or want to view other ideas for wedding vows, you can view all of our vow products in our Etsy Shop.

Once we receive your information, we will create a registry page specific to you and send you an email with the link to send to your wedding guests or include in your online registry!