Senior Portraits | Maddie

I got to snap pics of THIS BEAUTIFUL TEXAS TECH SENIOR. She's a nurse. She's already loved on, served, and impacted so many peoples' lives at the hospital. She's got a big empathetic heart for others and that's what makes her an awesome person and an awesome nurse. 

ANNNDDD, most importantly, if you're about to graduate with a nursing degree and you've worked your butt off the past few years, what would you do to celebrate? 

Not sure? Take some notes from Maddie--- she went to Vegas to see the Backstreet boys and relax by the pool. Teenage me, early twenties me, and Now-twenties me is fan-girling with jealousy and super jealous of the sun-rays she'll be picking up. 

For this photoshoot, Maddie wanted to kick over her nursing books and walk around the horticulture garden like a boss. I love how fun these turned out! 

Stacie StineComment