Coffee Shops and Pretty Rocks

Coffee, Cupcakes, and... a handsome man with a pretty ring. Of course I said yes.

After an adventurous and romantic friendship my devastatingly handsome He Friend decided to ask me to marry him. I kept wondering how he'd ask me when I got back from New York  (my bestie and I had left for a week in the big apple to celebrate our graduation)... but alas, he surprised me at my favorite coffee shop in Brooklyn on a sunny Saturday [the video is posted below]

My bestie, because she knows how much look'n classy means to me, made sure I dressed pretty that day. The inward romantic and slightly vain Me has cared for years and years about what I'd look like when it'd finally happen, and, thanks to my bestie, I had on a revived polka-dot blouse tucked in to a high-waisted skirt. It was the ONLY good hair day I had while in Brooklyn. I even had make-up on. Hallelujah. My biggest fear for the past two months was getting asked right after I'd worked out in the 95 degree Texas weather. I still would have said "yes" as a sweaty mess, but I'd have had to dress all cute the whole month after to make up for it.

We had stopped in for some joe at Qathra, my favorite coffee shop in Brooklyn (where I had previously evaluated and prayed over my relationship with my Mr. a year before). We took our seats in the back garden, and, after a few minutes, I looked up to see that my man was bringing me the cupcake I had ordered, with a pretty ring sitting next to it. MY MISTER! Walking towards me. And I knew he was only there for one reason. I'm not sure if color drained from my face or flooded it, but inwardly I felt a surge of relief, love, and divine peace. Apparently I went into hysterics, but I honestly can't remember. I was overwhelmed with joy to see him. And after I said yes, he asked me to marry him (I know, it's my fault it went out of order.... adrenaline made me do it), and I didn't stop smiling at him the entire night.

The pictures say it all. We have quite the adventure ahead of us as we enter into our season of being I'm sure will be overwhelming, beautiful, filled with gratefulness as well as challenge, and, in my opinion, I hope it's good but short cause I certainly like getting to do life with this kid.