We're falling for fall in Apartment 3.

There are just too many good things that happen when the chilly weather moves in: Pumpkin Carving. Pumpkin Bread. Pumpkin Creme Brulee  at the Green House (I KNOW WHAT THE HECK I DON'T EVEN LIKE PUMPKINNEE THINGS BUT THIS STUFF IS TO DIE FORRRR!!!) Apple Coffee Cake. 32 degree weather this morning... It all makes me want to snuggle with the fat cat that lives outside our apartment. Pictures of fat cat to come soon.

We stayed true to ourselves and carved a coffee mug (WITH STEAM COMING OUT OF IT) into our pumpkin, then roasted the seeds after.

We are baking all things yummy as well. And, if your baking experience is like ours, then it's more like bake a little, kiss a little, bake a little, kiss a little... snuggle snuggle----the buzzers going off! You know us newly weds, we fall for each other just as much as we're falling for fall. Don't call me cheesy... call me ridiculous.  I REFUSE TO TAKE MY HONEYMOON GOGGLES OFF SO SOON.

We are staying true to fall by wearing flannel today. By opening our door in the mornings and breathing in the cold air. By drinking wassail. By reading books under blankets. By trying to plan out our thanksgiving plans in advance so both our families get to give us free food.... I mean, so we can hang out with both of our families.

We have fallen for fall.