Homeyer: Origins

Today I am celebrating my parents.

Both Brett and I are more than grateful that both sets of our parents are still married,  are still being intentional with each other, their friendships, and their vocations in life. We're also grateful they are still loving on us in such sweet and servant-like ways.

Today I'm grateful for my parents. For their willingness to take me camping as a hormone raging adolescent. For all the times they drove me EVERYWHERE and I didn't say thank you. For their patience with me when I yelled at them during my first driving lesson. For all the Starbucks I've purchased with their money. For teaching me firm and clear values and beliefs that I have come to base my life on. For giving me an appreciation for miniature Christmas villages. For paying for my college education, which gave me a love for learning and led me to the job I have now. For their love and wisdom in my life.

They have listened to me chatter on and on about my life since the day I learned that sharing with them how I was growing, what I was learning, and what was going on in my life, was the most beneficial and freeing way I could "get along" with them. Today I'm celebrating their love for each other, and their love for myself and my siblings.

These are my parents. My Origins.