On my "Gratitude" list yesterday, I wrote, "Helping out a friend creatively". I also wrote, "A Husband who makes me coffee that isn't burnt". And I am UBER grateful for both. I can never get my coffee right and always end up burning it. I've wanted to own a coffee shop on a river in Oregon my entire life (or just work at Starbucks), but reality is slowly assuring me that I'm just too good at burning every cup o' jo I try to make.Helping out a Friend Creatively--- I am grateful for opportunities to be creative and learn creativity. This week my friend Meagan asked me to help her design some banners for her blog. Her blog title comes from the Song of Solomon, a book that became one of my favorites just a few months ago when Brett and I got married. It's a book about love, marriage, friendship, and celebration. How sweet it is that someone took the time to write a book on what it is to love and be loved.

Seeing her title was a great reminder for me yesterday as I battled with failure and feeling unworthy of being loved by Brett or anyone.  I AM unworthy of love, but God still chose to bestow a furiously fierce love upon me, because He decided I was worth it. He makes me, and you, worthy. That's something I hear and over-hear, and re-hear all too often in the church, but as much as I've heard it, I struggle to believe it. So I'll ask you this week, Have YOU taken the time to really believe that you ARE loved by your BELOVED?