How to catch up with the times, when you feel like you've fallen off the face of the planet.

There are so many words, ridicuLISTS, and Stine-diddies I haven't been able to share for the past few weeks because... it seems I've fallen off the face of the planet for something I call job training. But I'm back... blurry eyed and high on coffee beans, ready to divulge all the wisdoms and stories that have been hibernating for too long in posts to come.For now, will you join me in thinking back three whole weeks ago, when Christmas break was still a thing and we were still basking in Starbucks' "rekindle" campaign? Here in Texas we didn't just dream about a white Christmas, we got one. And for the first time in awhile we folded up our shorts and t-shirts, took the ice out of our coffees, remembered what our fire places were for, and ran inside the second we felt how cold it really was out there. I was born in Nebraska. But I tell people I got to Texas as soon as I could. And then I moved to California and ruined my internal weather-o-meter forever with year round 75 degrees. BUT I ENDURED THE FRIGID COLD. And the hubs, sister, and I set out to birth our very own snowman.


HOW TO MAKE A SNOW MAN: Make your husband and sister do it for you.