Right now I'm suppose to be grabbing the computer so we can watch Downton Abbey. But I thought you all should hear a little about what's been going on with us lately. So I'm sneak writing this post.I thought I'd share some of my favorite Stine slangs from this week:


---a new phrase we use for tasty meals. Will it offend some people? Yes. Will it adequately describe certain delicious foods? Definitely.


---Which really means, "How are Andrew and Jessica doing? How is Jessica liking work this week? What are they both up to? Tell me how their dating relationship is going. Does she want to hang out soon?"


---Which really means, "How is Kelsey doing? What are they experiencing in marriage this week? Does she want to hang soon?"


---I've been trying to come up with a cool name for Brett so that when I write about him, I can refer to him as insert-awesome-husband-nickname-here. Pioneer Woman calls her husband Marlboro Man, because, quite honestly, he really does look like the Marlboro Man. And I love that. If you've never met Brett, then you wouldn't understand that Einstein is actually a devilishly clever nickname for him. He's crazy intelligent and always ready to talk languages, ideas, theology,  and funny Youtube videos. He REALLY is a vault of knowledge and his last name REALLY is Stine, so I REALLY think it's appropriate to start now by calling him Einstein. With not so crazy hair.

-But just in case you wanted to hear about real life-

The floor of the Tea shop Rachel and I went to was a bunch of puzzles glued together and plastered over. It was beautiful and overwhelming. I loved it.

Yesterday morning we woke up to the sound of rain on our windows and I thought I would never get out of bed.

Even though we had a great weekend hanging out with both of our sweet families, I had had an emotionally tough weekend as Brett and I had some needed but difficult conversations about our Stine monthly BUDGETING. Most of those conversations involved tears, maybe some angry (and selfish) outbursts from myself, lots of hand squeezes, and silent prayers. AND most of them ended with me saying, "I don't want to be consumed by money anymore". This whole getting married has exposed a lot of secret idols I've had my hands death-gripped on for so long. But really, those idols have just had a death grip on me, trying to make me think they control my life, instead of the other way around.

Our apartment was totally kind of a wreck from the weekend, full of bags unpacked, bags waiting to get packed, unfinished crafts strewn about the living room, books on every surface, and... to top off the It-Might-Not-Bother-You-But-It-Bothers-Me mess, we already poured our cereal in two bowls only to find that our milk had expired earlier than the little stamped date said it would.

Hellloooooo awesome excuse for a Donut Shop run. 

It's been a bittersweet past few weeks as we are preparing to head to Canada for my hero of a big brother's wedding. And I can't put into words how filled with joy my heart is about our trip. We are also moving apartments/dorms this week, which is good and... tedious.

I'm also losing one of my co-workers, Rachel (the kind of co-worker you really don't know how you would have survived the first few weeks of your job without him/her), to the great state of California. And coincidentally, as she's moving out of her apartment this week, Einstein and I are moving in....  She and I got tea for our "last supper" (BUT REALLY it was Teauccinos; that's "tea" and "frappuccino" in case you missed it... pretty sure I called it a Teetachino when I ordered it earlier which was really just hilarious) and it was a sweet time for last minute wisdom questions and candid confessions. We got married two days apart, and I've loved hearing her joy and rawness about her and her husband's journey as well as anything and everything she has learned being a Hall Director for the few years she has been here. She's one of those I-Didn't-Know-You-For-A-Long-Time-But-I'm-Really-Grateful-For-You's. And she will be missed.

And now, I'm gonna watch Downton. Because Maggie Smith is bad ass hilarious.