The Stines Lately: Booty Kingdom

1. Booty Kingdom. Brett's decided rap name for his blushing bride. Because becoming a rapper has been my every aspiration since I moved to Texas. I've decided that really only Brett Stine's allowed to come up with that kind of rap name for me and there be no offenses taken. It's really just evidence that he's enjoying his first year of marriage still I think.2. Beverage Snobs. That is who we are. Because lately the coffee, tea, and honey we've been consuming is either from Kenya, Amsterdam, or Canada. With my nose in the air and arrogance in my french press, I've been telling our guests (without trying to laugh), "Oh, we ONLY drink coffee from Kenya now, we have a friend who knows people there" or "Oh, Canadian honey from a small winery just outside of Niagra Falls? We'd never buy any other kind." People are starting to look at us funny and question how much money we spend at world market every month. DEAR EVERYONE, the truth is, we're like Jay Gatsby posers. People we know travel. We know people that travel. People travel we know. And they bring us coffee, tea, and honey from afar. And makes us look like super hip hipster snobs that all the Daisy Buchanan's want. We're really just Brett and Stacie who drink coffee every now and then. And it happens to be awesomely from Kenya.

3. We think about our future a lot lately (the pre-kids future for those Texas Great Aunts who keep asking me at family reunions, "When are y'all gon' start make'n them babies?") Reexamining dreams, jobs, desires, here's and nows. We snuggled and pillow-talked the other night and both agreed that major life decisions certainly seem easier and quicker to make when you're single. And then we laughed, sighed, and just agreed that we'd better get over what we think is easier to do and start doing MAJOR MARRIAGE DECISIONS cause that's where we're at.

4. We also really love our present. As in, here and now. Maybe it's Fall. Maybe it's that we're figuring each other out more. Maybe it's cause we are starting to feel known by our friends and church. Maybe it's because we're still paying off college loans but doing a good job at paying them off. Maybe it's because I can wear a scarf every day. Or maybe it's because we keep falling more and more in love with the college kids we live with. I'll take any of those reasons or all of them. We are loving it.

5. We had a Lizzie McGuire Movie sing-a-long  last night and crammed 12+ people into our little living room. Hey now, Hey now.

6. We are going camping with a good group of our friends this weekend. If you've never seen this video about "Pitching tents" and you need a Ginormous laugh, then you should watch it. It has nothing to do with camping. And EVERYTHING to do with pitching tents.

7. This is The Stine Way's 75th post!

8. Brett just sat down next to me and said, "How you do'n Baber-sauce-money... that's what I tell all my friends I call you". Oh boy, He's tired and needs to go to bed. Enjoy your weekend!