Romantic Things My Husband Says.

IMG_9959"Love is holding hands, brushing teeth." -Brett Stine, brushing our teeth before bed, while holding hands.

"What's wrongggggg?" -Brett Stine, a few minutes before studying for his Latin quiz, chasing me around the house with an open bottle of whipped cream in his hand.

"I'm sorry." -Brett Stine, often.

"I like how you put on skirts in the morning ....and I really like them ...and then I think it's funny when you change into jeans later." -Brett Stine; on those 'I feel like wearing a skirt" days, but realize later it actually feels more like a "I can only handle jeans today" days.

"Remember how you said you can't remember what life was like before we got married? Well, I can't remember what life was like before we started eating six can soup." -Brett Stine, after finishing his 3rd bowl of six can soup in a span of two days.