If I were Ben Stiller.

If I were Ben Stiller I would pinch myself to make sure it wasn't a dream that I was Ben Stiller. Then I'd call up Kristen Wigg and ask her if she wants to hang out or get coffee or go sing karaoke with me.If I were Ben Stiller I'd try really hard not to make the Zoolander model face at everyone I stand next to on public elevators. But it would be too fun not to make that face at people. So I would.

If I were Ben Stiller I'd definitely cast Kristen Wigg as the coolest love crush ever in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty... so good job, Ben Stiller, for steal'n my idea!

If I were Ben Stiller four months ago, I'd provide a free pre-showing of Walter Mitty to a ton of high school, middle school, and college teenagers. The kind of teenagers who need inspiration, need a reason to travel, or need to know real life is allowed to have a little risk and adventure (and a little bit of Kristen Wigg's humor too). And half way through that free showing I'd bring in a bunch of FREE Papa Johns cause teenagers can get hungry during movies. And a little bit later I'd bring in a bunch of coffee and Cinnabon for dessert. And if Ellen decided to chip in, maybe we'd take them all to Iceland afterwards.

If I were Ben Stiller, I'd make an alternate ending to Walter Mitty. What if Walter never found the lost negative 25? What if Sean O'Connell meant for there to never be a negative in that spot? What if the very gap between negatives 24 and 26 was the true beauty of Sean's work? What do you see when an empty frame is held up to your face? You see past where the picture would be to the other side. You see the real world beyond the frame. You see life just as beautiful or messy as it is. You see the Quintessential to Life. Sometimes I wish the movie would have been just as good if it would have ended like that.

If I were YOU, in the midst of your busy life this week, I'd make sure you squeezed in a movie night for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Maybe it'll help you slow down, think, and remember to live.

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