That one time I yelled at Ryan Gosling.

It's true, I really did yell at him.

In 2008. My Freshmen year of college.

WHAT I yelled at him is probably what any young fan would yell if they'd pulled up next to him at the same Hollywood stop light they were stopped at, his car windows rolled down (his scruffy dog was in the backseat sticking it's head out the window). I giggled with my friends at how cute he was and I yelled like a free Texas-meets-California/Driving-through-Hollywood-with-your-windows-down freshmen girl would:


And that was it. He looked over at me, smiled and nodded. The light turned green and he was gone.

All I did in that moment was inform Ryan Gosling that I had a liking for his dog.


You'd think I would have said something, ANYTHING, other than "I like your dog" to the one and only Ryan Gosling, but the thing is, my friends and I didn't know it was him until a week later when a girl on my hall ran into my dorm room and showed me a picture of that same guy, in the same t-shirt, with the same scruffy dog, taking a walk through Hollywood. It was Ryan. We both fell on the floor screaming and freaking out and I immediately thought.... of all the things to say to Ryan Gosling I told him I liked his dog.

I could have at least said, "If your a bird I'm a bird!"

I wouldn't have minded going for "Marry me Ryan Gosling, I'll babysit your dog --- I mean, our dog-- while you're filming your movies!"

That was back then of course, when I was a frivolous giggling freshmen. If I saw him today I'd probably say, "Ryan, I haven't seen you in so long, I'm a bird if your a bird."

What I love about yelling at Ryan Gosling, is that I feel this slight connection with him that's incredibly insignificant and totally not reciprocated in any way at all.

I know more about him than he knows about me. I remember him, and I can guarantee you he doesn't remember me. I can look him up on google and read all about his life or watch him play different characters in movies, but he'll never have the inclination to look me up on google or read my blog, and even if he did, he wouldn't really know me.

This whole Ryan Gosling thing really alludes to (ready for the curveball?!)... Jesus. Can't you tell? What I love about Jesus, is that he lived 2,000 years before Ryan Gosling and I know him like one of my closest and most cherished friends. He's someone I really care about and need in my life every day. What I love about Jesus, is that he knows me better than I know myself. He loves me in no way Ryan Gosling, my husband, my family, or friends could love me. He knows every thought I think (the good ones and the terrible, awful, and no-one-should-hear-those-thoughts thoughts) and still tells me He'd do anything to be friends with me. He died so we could have a friendship that lasts forever, actually. I don't have many friends like that.

Jesus is a celebrity I don't even deserve to be friends with, but He really cares for me, so He is always available for me. Always ready to listen, comfort, rejoice, mourn, and dance around to techno music with me. He is patient with me when I'm a frustrated mess that can only offer rude sarcasm to my husband. He is never rude and sarcastic to me. He is only firm and loving. I am in awe of His loyalty and dedication to help me maximize on my strengths and gifts. He's like the best barista ever because He not only fills up my coffee, He makes sure I have enough all the time. My mug is always overflowing with the best of the best roasts. When I go through my days feeling as if I'm not enough, He reminds me that His friendship and love for me is enough.

Do you only know facts about Jesus, just like you know facts about Ryan Gosling? Or, have you ever taken the time to know Jesus and His love for you?

I'd love to help you find the answer to that question if you ever want to go get coffee... I know a really great barista to hit up. ;)


This picture was LITERALLY taken the day I saw Ryan Gosling. Crazy huh?