Back to the Vowing Grounds.

A few weeks ago we jumped out of our car for a quick photosesh in  the Downtown backstreets of the little town we were married in, Weatherford, TX. 

We were there for a wedding... at the same place we were married just two years ago. 

I was filled with dreamy nostalgic thoughts the whole night. Eating waffles, carrot cake, and drinking magically cultivated coffee (because the groom is obsessed with good coffee--- he's a downright coffee snob and he knows it). The lights were twinkly and I was drunk on how sweet it was to be back where we got married.

What's crazy about that night? We actually missed the wedding because we got the time wrong. I was tempted to be angry with Brett- to blame him for messing up the time for the most important part of the evening. I gave him some edge and sass as it began to dawn on us that the ceremony had already happened and we had made it just in time for the reception. He pulled me aside and told me he was sad we missed the ceremony too, but that I didn't need to get angry, sassy, or throw a pity party. He was stern, honest, and right. He had that serious pleading in his eyes that told me my attitude choice would dictate whether or not either of us had a good time for the rest of the night---And in that moment, I had to let go of control and the fact that I was really looking forward to seeing our friend get married...and enjoy why we were there.

I think of Stacie and Brett in that same place two years ago.... and I think of how we wouldn't have communicated that way two years ago. It's taken two years of marriage for Brett to talk to me in a way that tells me I'm being ridiculous. Not in a mean way, but in a "this face and tone of voice is going to sharpen and refine the ridiculousness you, Stacie Lynne, are choosing right now" kind of way. And it's definitely taken two years of marriage for me to not immediately cower into a pity party of resentment and anger over things like missing a wedding ceremony. I can be quick to make circumstances that disappoint me about myself. I can be tempted to make Brett feel bad about mistakes- a weird way I try to manipulatively hold power over my husband. 

But what happened when I chose to celebrate and enjoy even in my disappointment?


We loved being there in that special place, celebrating our friends' happiness, and getting to see people from our local community. We even got to see our friend's Nichole and Patrick just a few days before their baby girl was born. It was epic and beautiful to be in the presence of two people beginning their marriage journey together and to be sitting across from two other people about to begin the crazy sweet season of being parents.