When I try and I fail, and you love me

We took some Paddleboarding shots at sunset a few nights ago. And if you really want a raw depiction of our night, it wasn't all dreamy and perfect. We took turns paddling so we could get shots of each other. The water was choppy so the paddling was extra slow and difficult, I was frustrated I didn't get the pictures I wanted of Brett in the sunset (even though I really love them now that I've looked at them), I was snarky with Brett while we loaded the paddle board into our car, and I snapped at the paddle board (yup, I can be cruel to inanimate objects) when putting it away.

Not every evening on the lake goes that way, but I think, in light of how pretty these pictures are, they should come with authentic descriptions. Joy Williams just came out with her new album, Venus, and I've cried listening to it a few times. She went through hurt and wrote an album about it. And it's one of the best pieces of art I've heard in a long time. So if you need a good cry because marriage isn't what you hoped it would be or someone hurt your heart, you should go listen and cry too. Lyrics to her song "you loved me" are below. Raw and true.