An Education: It's not about the $$

I never wanted to go to college. You've probably heard me say that before.

My parents pretty much told me I had to, filled out those college applications for me, and traveled me to 6 different universities so I could choose one. It was a toss up between a Florida college and a California college- and even though there was an Anthropologie a block away from the Florida Campus, I fell for that intoxicating California Dreaminess (that semi-disappears once you actually move there...BTW) and ended up graduating from an incredible university.

And I'm forever grateful my parents made me go.

But, I get it.

I had really caring parents and I come from a family who could afford to let me apply to lots of different places (with visits to each, except the one in Canada) and keep my options open (whether I wanted options or not). I realize there are some people in this world who desperately want to go to college but can't because of cultural restrictions, no financial backing, or other circumstances that prohibit them from going. I also realize there are tons of kids in the world who were like me--- they really couldn't see the point of college, moving away from home, or how college can positively impact their responsibility and leadership in this world. 

Nowadays, I consider it an HONOR to create graduation announcements for college kids (I make them for high schoolers too!), because getting a college degree can really be one of the hardest things people sign up to do. It's a social, mental, physical, and spiritual fight. It can be an uphill climb for those who don't feel like they EVER fit well in a classroom (I get that--- I NEVER felt like I was smart or had ANY business trying to take in information- I took the SAT then went to tutoring to re-take it because my scores were #hellasad, and I actually did worse the second time I took it). It can feel defeating to know the amount of loans you've accumulated. You can feel the tears when you have so much homework and work you don't know how to balance it all. It can even be the most trying, when you feel the weight of your previous identity in high school shifting into something new and you're not as familiar with yourself as you once thought you were.

All of those things- difficult, but sharpening. 

That's SO MUCH SO the reason I love creating these announcements. I am celebrating with my clients their newness. Their big sigh of relief. They've worked hard. They've fought both inward and outward battles and they are coming out the other side probably equally as frightened as when they stepped into their dorm room for the first time as freshmen... but they are forever changed and ready to embark on their next hero's journey. 

THAT'S a phenomenal reason to design graduation invites, don't you think?

Here are some of my favorite designs: