Wimberleigh | A Styled Shoot at the Texas Tech Horticulture Gardens

A few days before we put together this styled shoot, Wimberleigh and I got coffee and I told her I was over-joyed she wanted to model for us. Not only was she ecstatic to model, but she also told me it hadn't been that long ago that her mom suggested she do some modeling. Go mom, go. She told me it was refreshing and sweet to hear her mom say "You're really pretty, you can do this". 


And boy let me tell you-- the girl can work and flirt with the camera! Yowza. 


And me? I'm just sit'n there sip'n my coffee, uber-driver-over-the-moon PUMPED because this is my first collaborated styled shoot.... EVER. 


And, if we can get SO real here,


I'm passionate about Wimberleigh and her body type. I see a lot of photographers using models for styled shoots--- but I feel like Wimberleigh's body type is highly under-represented.


I rarely see my own body in styled shoots. 


Which is a total bummer, because I think there are a lot of women out there who are my future clients who want to see their bodies represented so they can see that girls like them are work'n their confidence and regular ole selves. 


I really wanted to collaborate on a styled shoot where my model was someone with confidence and someone with a body my beautiful future clients could relate to.


And  ya know what? 


I think my future clients, no matter their build, can appreciate this shoot and can appreciate the body-types they see in my portfolio. I don't ever want a client to think he or she can't book with me because they only see one type of person represented on my blog or website.


That just ain't how it works in these here parts of the Design Jamboree. 


Who do I want to book? Brilliant women in their errryday bodies. Toned abs. Food babies poking out. Curvy jigs jig'n with every step. Double D's or Triple A's--- I want 'em all. 


And just in case you're wondering, Wimberleigh girl bossed the entire shoot. She took us to town. 


And the best part?


I really just got to know her heart and character better throughout this entire shoot--- and oh man, she's a total goofball with a laugh ready for every joke I cracked (thank goodness). She's a gem. And that's really what these pictures and styled shoots are about. Getting to know the gem inside the bad ass girl boss woman lady person. 


And because I know you're dying to know the details: 

Makeup, Hair, and Styling Assistant- Nicole Hartman 

Dress- Old Navy

Locations- Texas Tech's Horticulture Garden and Downtown Lubbock

Mint Chair- Downtown Mini-Mall Denton, Texas

Photography- Me, Stacie, Of course!