DIY Chalkboard Wall

I've had a lot of kindred-hearted DIYers out there ask me how I made my collapsable chalkboard Photobooth Wall, so I've put together this quick DIY for you!

This DIY is perfect for a portable photobooth or a temporary chalkboard wall in a rental home or home office. I learned a few good tips along the way, so I'd encourage you to look beyond the Supply List, because sometimes I skip over the Instructions when I read DIY's and I know you might be tempted to-- it's just painting a few panels right? How could that be so hard?

Time Commitment: This is a solid weekend project due to painting and drying time. Lay out a bunch of tarps in your living room, turn on crappy Netflix movies you don't mind not giving your full attention to, and paint.

Physical Commitment: Your arms will be looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger's arms by the time your done with all your painting. I painted my panels up against the wall and will NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. Next time they're laying out on the floor--- my arms wanted to fall off!


Panels- Check out Home Depot's Foamular Boards. A friend of mine who used to teach theatre said she used these boards for lightweight sets all the time. And y'all, They are SUPER lightweight and WAY easier to carry than a wooden backdrop. SUPER PORTABLE. If your'e renting or in an apartment, these panels are great for a temporary chalkboard wall. They are the average height of most apartment walls, but I would measure your walls first to make sure the panels will fit inside your apartment if your'e hoping to make a temporary chalkboard wall.  I'm probably going to buy more of these to make my chalkboard wall even larger. 2 Panels = $22

Primer- 1 Can. $14. I asked for a cheap primer at Home Depot. Whatever they recommended, It worked out. 

Chalkboard Paint- 2 cans. $20. My Home Depot suggested I use Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint because it for sure works like a chalkboard. It was WAY cheaper than the Chalkboard paint I found at Hobby Lobby. It took my chalk perfectly!

Chalk- $6 for a variety pack of FUN COLORS at HobsLobs. 

Extended Paint Roller: $7-20. I highly recommend an extended roller. 

Overall Cost: $69

Set Up:

1. Lay your boards down on the floor, using an extended paint roller to paint them. I DON'T recommend putting any of your weight on them to paint because your knee or elbow could indent the boards if it stays there too long. 


1. Remove the plastic tape-like cover on the side of the board you are using. I was a goof, and didn't realize that plastic comes off so I spent time and paint on a bunch of plastic that peels right off. Don't be a goof. 

2. Use one coat of primer on each board. 

3. To get a stellar reliable Chalkboard Finish, I recommend using three coats of paint on each board. This is the part that takes so much time. Priming, Painting, Drying, Second-coating, Drying, Third-coating, Drying. That takes awhile! And you want to make sure you let the paint dry well to get the best chalkboard finish possible!

Make Your Photobooth Moveable and Collapsible: 

1. Use gaffing tape or duct tape to tape together the back of your boards. They should fold so the chalkboard is on the outside. 

2. Don't put any kind of tape on your chalkboard. I had paper flowers I attached with duct tape to my painted board and I successfully ripped off some of the paint. BLURRP. 

When Chalking: 

1. This isn't your gradeschool married to the wall/makes scratching noises/sturdy as hell chalkboard. Be gentle with the chalk (especially if your chalk has sharp edges!)--- you'll find that the chalk makes an indent on the board if you press super hard. I wouldn't use this for others to draw on unless they've been warned about pressing gently. 

Consider This: 

I'm definitely considering painting the other side of my boards a different color so I can flip the board around and have a chalkboard or different photobooth color on the other side. If I used this Photobooth for Brides, having two color options would be ideal. 

How did I make mine stand up straight? 

1. I made a PVC Pipe backing and ductaped the back of my panel boards to it. I would recommend getting weights to use on both sides of the PVC Pipe if you are using it as a Photo Booth. One of my customers knocked into it with her body and it almost came crashing down. SUCH A POTENTIAL NIGHTMARE. 

2. In my office--- I've nailed it into the wall. It looks best straight up against the wall and makes it easier to change up the chalk drawing. I'm SO PUMPED to see how I can use it as an in-home photobooth when guests come over for dinner or events. I think friends will love it. And I love having it in my office as decor. I've considered writing out big business goals on it for weekday use. 

Overall, This project is a solid time commitment, but pretty budget friendly when you consider all that you can do with a moveable, changeable, chalkboard photobooth. I'm pumped for all the ways I can use mine! Especially as a photobooth when friends come over!