Engagements | Bri and Tim

Meet Bri and Tim. 

These two. They're marriage-bound and full of laughs and cuddles in this session at Ransom Canyon. 

Firstly, I know Tim and Bri on a very intimate level.....we watch the Bachelor together.

They are my favorite reality TV commentary-friends. For a girl whose husband would never watch The Bachelor with her, I can really appreciate how Tim and Bri compliment each other in this (SACRED) activity together. *wink*

Secondly, they adore each other.

I don't always see guys look at their fiance the way Tim looks at Bri. And I don't really like talking fluff about couples, because Brett and I aren't really a fluff couple and not every couple screams lovey-dovey-- -but Tim and Bri so evidently admire each other just by how they look at each other. There's something so sacred and sweet about that.

Their admiration and the light in their eyes for each other is my favorite part of their engagement photos.

Can you see it too? Doesn't it make you just want to give them a big ole bear hug of congratulations?! 

Stacie StineComment