Engagements | Lindsey + Brenen

I met up with Lindsey and Brennen (at Sugar Browns, one of my favorite Coffee Shops here in town) over the Winter Holidays to get to meet them and to catch their vision for their engagements and wedding.

I was... AGAST and disappointed to find out that Brennen doesn't have a thing for coffee and I almost felt like that was a conflict of interest and I couldn't be their photographer. But Lindsey assured me she breaths coffee, so I felt like maybe I could handle them. *wink wink*

I loved Lindsey's style immediately and Brennen was a straight up southern gentleman. PLUS, I knew it was mean to be after they told me they were going to look for matching Christmas pajamas after our meeting. HECK. YES. 

Fast forward to their engagement session and the most beautiful weather a West Texas February has ever seen. We walked old train stations, invaded Palace Coffee (Brennen was a trooper with all that coffee everywhere), and took some of the most romantic pictures at Palo Duro Canyon. Lindsey hiked in her heels and Brennan got a good workout repeatedly spinning her around and lifting her up and down over rocks her heels couldn't manage. 

Stacie StineComment