Senior Portraits | Sarah

Let's talk goopy feelings first. 

This is how life works. You build relationships. You invest time, tears, laughs, and soul into them... and then you have to part and let someone else do life with them. All you can do is celebrate how sweet your time together was and tell them how much you love them and desire for them to thrive as they move on. 

So Sarah, go take on the challenges, the adventures, the searing pains, and the deepest joys of life as fully as you can. 

On a non-goopy more comical note:

Sarah almost fell into a fountain during this session. And since I know her, I would have probably laughed first, then felt terrible because her beautiful hair and makeup would have been ruined. When you know who you're photographing, you're allowed to laugh when they almost eat it in a fountain. 

Also, now I know not to just send seniors into the fountain on campus without a little warning and without a large stick to hold onto. The moss is slippery and the fountain is slanted downward toward the middle.... I wonder how many seniors have actually fallen in? 

SENIORS: I still have senior sessions available before the end of the school year. Book now and get 15% off of a $350 session. 

Stacie StineComment