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What’s the best love story you’ve ever heard?

One of my favoritestesetestest love stories can be found in Ever After. I love Drew Barrymore’s Cinderella character. She’s smart. Unafraid to share what she thinks. She’s justice-driven. She’s kind. She’s witty. She has integrity and longs to do the right thing. She isn’t chasing after love, she’s chasing after loving others first. And that’s what attracts the Prince to her. I LOOOOOOVEEE THAT.

Stories in general can inspire us, can reach into the depths of our souls with healing and restoration, and can forever change the course of our lives.

I also believe love is just as powerful.

Love can transform us into better versions of ourselves. It changes us. Sharpens us. Moves us into selflessness. Into Sacrificial living. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return (Moulin Rouge is another great love story!).

Love + stories.

Love Stories are so rich and moving. I think that’s why our world is obsessed with writing about them and making movies about them.

We love love. We love stories. We love them together.


Devon and Caleb’s Love Story

Wedding Calligraphy for Love Stories

Devon and Caleb are both in the medical field in Baltimore. She’s a nurse and he’s in residency. They have a special place in my heart because they also did long distance for two years. PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, LONG DISTANCE FOR YEARS IS NOT SOMETHING FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.

Something I really appreciate about Devon when she shared her love story with me, is her honesty about how they’ve had to work really hard to make their relationship work. It’s hard work to be intentional with one another when you’re both in the medical field with two inconsistent schedules. These two tied the knot to grow as they go! They’re working hard to make it work. Sometimes we need to admit this marriage thing takes hard work.

As someone who is married to a forever scholar/doctoral student, I’ve come to understand that not every season looks the same or looks the way I imagined it. Homework, papers, prepping to teach class, and writing articles— it all can keep Brett from having availability in his schedule. It’s challenging and makes our time together really valuable. Just like our vows are sacred, our Saturday Sabbaths (rest days) together are SO sacred to me now. It takes effort to keep them work-free. But it’s worth it every week.

Okiieeeee this is not my love story, it’s Devon and Caleb’s…. duh.

Devon said the coolest part of their wedding was the choreographed wedding dance Caleb did with her to…. THE GREATEST FREAKING SHOWMAN, Y’ALL. I’ve included the video at the bottom of this post because it’s SO GOOD. Like, really beautiful and challenging choreography (that makes me miss my musical theater days!). But so sweet and fun. These two love each other. You can see it in their faces.

My Favorite words from Devon’s Vows, because we all need a little more encouragement toward our goals:

I promise to thrill in your passions and encourage you towards your goals. 

My favorite words from Caleb’s vows because sharing dreams and beauty with each other can be easy to forget to do:

I will live this adventure of life by your side and share with you my dreams and show you the beauty and thrills I see.
I will show you my gratefulness for the incredible lady you are~

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Chasing love stories,