Vow Calligraphy | Josie + Matt's Love Story

Wedding Vows in Modern Calligraphy on Handmade Paper

Josie and Matt’s Love Story

First of all, Josie had her vows printed on beautiful handmade paper by White Dragon Paper and we added a small greenery design to them. I LOVE HOW THEY TURNED OUT.

As for their story: Josie didn’t want to date Matt. Matt wanted to date Josie. Classic Rom-Com ammiright?! He crashed a wine party she hosted while her mom was in town… and then he crashed all her plans to not date him. He won her cute lil’ Five foot Two cuban heart over.

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Josie and Matt talk a lot about team work in their vows. They recognize that being married means being for each other and on each others’ team. Maybe it’s because Matt was in the NFL and he really understands team metaphors…. or maybe it’s because they understand it’s better to be on the same team than on different teams. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes in marriage, it’s easier to feel like we’re on different teams, each of us trying to win against one another. Here’s to being on the same team!

I cried reading through their vows as both of them mentioned losing one of their parents, but wanting to keep their parents’ positive impact and legendary influence in their lives and in their marriage. How beautiful.

My Favorite words from Josie’s Vows:

No matter what comes our way, I promise that you will never have to face it alone. We are a team. And although you’ve played on a few dream teams in your day, they ain’t got nothing on this….

…I promise to enjoy all of life’s little momenticos with you; to remember that life is made up not by the big events, but the moments in between….

….I will even love you when I really don’t like you….

….My father always said, “you reap what you sow.” It’s a saying I live by, and our marriage is no different. I promise to put the work in to make our marriage a beautiful one….

My favorite words from Matt’s vows:

We are a team and always will be.
Te quiero mucho mi amor.

If you love how Josie and Matt’s vows turned out, you can purchase your own in my etsy shop. If you’re getting married soon, you can also add our vows to your wedding registry (maybe there will be some stellar wedding guest out there excited to gift you your wedding vows after your wedding ceremony!).

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