Vow Calligraphy | Kelly + Dustin

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One of my favorite lines from Love Actually, is when Hugh Grant is narrating the end of the movie, he says, “Love is, actually, all around.” Further proof of that? Kelly and Dustin met at a gas station. Love can be found anywhere. At any place.

These two have vows filled with inside jokes and they even both shared their love story within their vows. You can tell they are in love with their own story. I think that’s important and grounding. To remember where your story started.

Kelly’s Vow Highlights (I love how Kelly included sharing food in her vows. THIS IS SUCH A REAL MARRIED LIFE THING. And if you ask me she’s really sacrificing by letting Dustin have the last bite!):

Dustin, loving you means letting you into the deepest part of my heart. It means modifying my plans. It means letting go of thinking my way is the right way and learning how our way fits together….

I will sleep with the fan on even when it makes me freezing. I will let you eat all the string cheese and I will always offer you the last (best) bite of my food. I will watch Friends with you as many times as you ask knowing you will always beat me at Friends trivia because you have become a bigger fan than myself.

I vow to love you for your flawfullness. 
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Dustin’s Vow Highlights (I love that because of Kelly, Dustin is now a Friends fan):

I promise to love you each and every day, even on Sundays when you wont let me watch football. I commit to cherish you forever and ever, even when you spend a lot on shoes. Yes I’ll cherish the shoes too and wont step on them when we dance. I vow to always be understanding even when you are mad at me for something that happened in a dream.