Easy DIY Iphone Case (Interchangeable and Personalized)

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I’d like to introduce myself if you’re new around here.

I’m Stacie, I’m in my late twenties living in the West Texas desert. I’m really good at putting an outfit together and my home feels like Fall Vibes all the time. I photograph weddings by day and myself by night (for this blog)!

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Oh…. and I drop my iphone— ON THE REGULAR.

I’d also love to introduce you to my really awesome, stellar, amazing case (my dad bought it for me after I shattered my first iphone), Speck.

When I offer clumsiness, my Speck offers peace of mind… and an iphone that’s still in one piece.

The specific Speck case I have is clear and less than $20, something, I’ve found, I really enjoy about my iphone!

This case turned into one of my favorite interchangeable and personalized DIY’s ever! And I’m pumped to share it with you today!

Instead of having to buy a new colorful case or new case to DIY every time I want to switch things up, all I need to do is switch out the picture I’ve inserted into my affordable case.

We have our phones on us all the time. This whole past year anytime I set my phone down I saw a picture of Brett and I smiling back at me. Or sometimes I’d lay it down at a coffee shop get together and someone would ask about who that stud was in the picture and I’d get to husband brag real quick (and show them how cute I think he is). I love that this case lets me keep my phone safe and reminds me of those I love—- all at the same time!

What I’ve learned about this project: Using photos printed on glossy photo paper and then leaving your phone in a hot car can sometimes melt the sticky photo paper to the case, making the photograph rip when you remove it from the case. It can leave sticky residue on the case. I soaked my iphone case over night in order to remove the sticky residue.

I love changing out the picture in my case whenever I want! I’m going to try to be better at changing it out as the seasons change!

What do you think? Will you be trying this DIY too?