The song that shaped our wedding.

The hardest part of planning our wedding was choosing the music. It's not that I wanted the music to be perfect, but that I deeply desired for it to capture the essence of how beautiful the making of a covenant is. I couldn't find anything that seemed to express THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COMBUSTION OF ARRANGEMENTS EVER ORDAINED BY GOD... until one day I heard the song I knew encapsulated our wedding in ways I didn't expect. It was what we needed it to be. It communicated what we needed it to communicate.Often I think we misunderstand weddings as being the high point of a relationship. Important stuff happens on a wedding day, but my scope of a marriage goes so far beyond the day of my vows. How could I communicate that with my audience? Gungor's "This is Not the End" worked. It more than worked, it communicated truth and hope.

Some the words ring,

This is not the end

This is not the end of this

we will shine like the stars bright, brighter.

This is not our last

This is not our last breath,

We will open our mouths wide, wider.

Brett and I's marriage was the beginning of an adventure. I hope years from now we ARE shining brighter in truth, love, honesty, trust, and life. I am so glad our ceremony was not the end, but the beginning.