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How to take a QUICK trip to Magnolia Silos | Waco, TX

Every time I’ve been to Magnolia Restaurant, Market, and Bakery this year, it’s been an easy quick trip, minimal to no lines, and super fun. Most people I talk to, have had a very different and tiring experience at Magnolia, so I thought I’d share with you what has worked for me to have a quick and fun trip. I’ve even highlighted my favorite less visited section of the Silos (hint: it’s not the market, the bakery, or the food trucks). 

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Short Impactful Sentences | Enneagram 9

Words for my life. Based on my enneagram nine.

This is a prayer. And a self-affirmation.

That I wouldn’t fall into busy-ness, but that I would seek out sweeter and deeper quiet. That I would work really really hard to be quiet in my mind… not numb or asleep to my feelings or circumstances.

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Snow Day

A snow day in Texas from a southern lifestyle blog.

Something about waking up to see the world draped in the whitest snow… I never wanted to stop looking out the window today.

While we weren’t walking around campus, Brett was studying for finals, I was therapeutically rearranging our kitchen and living room, and I watched Netflix’ Dumplin’ (and really loved it). There was a glass of eggnog in there somewhere.

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Combatting Seasonal Mood Changes
Let me introduce myself

What's here?

Marriage magic. Soul thoughts. Pop-culture obsessions. Style days. Decor & aesthetics. DIY's. Beauty finds. Childhood and teenage journal entries. Coffee films.

What's not here?

Recipes and babies. The kitchen and I tolerate each other, and my body and I have agreed not to birth out a baby until.... some point in time that is not now. 

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