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How to take a QUICK trip to Magnolia Silos | Waco, TX

Every time I’ve been to Magnolia Restaurant, Market, and Bakery this year, it’s been an easy quick trip, minimal to no lines, and super fun. Most people I talk to, have had a very different and tiring experience at Magnolia, so I thought I’d share with you what has worked for me to have a quick and fun trip. I’ve even highlighted my favorite less visited section of the Silos (hint: it’s not the market, the bakery, or the food trucks). 

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Glacier National Park, Montana | Travel

Nature and I don’t see each other much. And when we do, it takes awhile for me to warm up to it. But give me time and I’ll fall in love with the smell of the mountains, the sound of absolute quiet, and the way the shadows of the trees change as the sun moves across the sky.

This year my parents took us to Montana because 1) I think they secretly just wanted to hang out with us, and 2) Because my sister just turned 40, and 40 is worth doing something epic for

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