Vow Calligraphy | Devon + Caleb's Love Story

Stories in general can inspire us, can reach into the depths of our souls with healing and restoration, and can forever change the course of our lives.

I also believe love is just as powerful.

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Vow Calligraphy | Josie + Matt's Love Story

Josie and Matt talk a lot about team work in their vows. They recognize that being married means being for each other and on each others’ team.

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Vow Calligraphy | Kelly + Dustin

One of my favorite lines from Love Actually, is when Hugh Grant is narrating the end of the movie, he says, “Love is, actually, all around.” Further proof of that? Kelly and Dustin met at a gas station. Love can be found anywhere. At any place.

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We've Added A Wedding Registry | Vows

I’m not surprised when I talk to couples who tell me they love my vows, but they can’t afford them. You just got married. Or you’re about to get married and your budget really might not be in a place to purchase custom calligraphy.

I can relate to that, so I thought I’d come up with an alternative plan for you. Now you can add your vows to your registry, so you don’t have to consider purchasing them after your wedding— because a kind wedding guest has already purchased them for you.

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